Lines-Manner-Timeless-Modern-Minimalism-Minimal-Designer-Montreal-Designed-Hand_made-Man_Made-Linear-Arc_Jewellery-Montreal-Ring-Bracelet-Essentials-Jewelry-Jewellery-Quality-Fresh-Brightly-1Designed and Handcrafted in Montreal.

Parametric I RingTheorem Bracelet from the Linearity collection of Arc Jewellery.

Pinpointing a brand that feels right, that possesses all of your little requirements, and in which you perceive true authenticity in its designs, its standards of quality, or in the creator behind it all. That is exactly what took place with Arc Jewellery. In no time, I found myself embracing Lina Hu’s work, the company’s founder. An artist with a natural kindness, a unique savoir-faire, and a pristine appearance.

Arc Jewellery feels like wearing pure and structured pieces, with clean and wisely refined designs which possess the defining ability to unite the classic with the modern. A breeze of perfectly chic and an ounce of simplicity: The perfect harmony.

These formidable pieces of jewellery left me with no other choice than to fall under their charm. While they may be perceived as simple to the naked eye, attaining such purity of design requires the hands and mind of an exquisite artist. In a sense, that is the essence of minimalism. And such perfection can only be achieved by lots of practice and a particular attention to details.

To learn more about the talented artist behind Arc Jewellery, I invite you to discover Lina and the vision behind her brand:


1. What’s your source of inspiration?

I get inspired from exploring the man-made, whether it be in the context of architecture, industrial design, art, fashion or graphic design. I am constantly looking at buildings, patterns, and lines and shadows of objects, and these inspire me to visualize, deconstruct and rearrange forms in my mind. I’m interested in the abstract and the elemental, and certain details really resonate with me and find their way into my work.

2. How did you get into the jewellery making business?

The way I started doing jewellery was kind of haphazard! I had originally come to Montreal to do a Master’s degree in science, and a year and a half into the degree, I had a change of heart and left. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. My mom had been a jeweler when I was young and I was curious about metalworking so I signed up for a jewellery course in January 2013. I remember holding my first ring and looking at it in awe–I was so excited that I had the skills to make that and it made so much sense to work with my hands! I fell in love with metalworking then and there, and have been addictively making jewellery since! My friends, when they saw my work, really helped encourage me to take my passion to the business level-I couldn’t have done it without their support!

3. Could you describe your technique?

I use pretty traditional techniques in my process, but I apply them to modern forms and ideas. Some of my pieces are formed by cutting, soldering and shaping sheet metal, while others are first carved into wax, then cast into metal. Everything is taken through multiple steps of finishing–I’m obsessive like that! I work primarily with silver, but use gold, bronze and brass as well. I’m excited to incorporate other materials in my next full collection-I’m doing some experiments with paper right now…

4. What is your process from idea to finished artwork?

I usually start off with a series of rough sketches of the idea, playing with variations and looking at it from a couple of different angles. If the piece is relatively two-dimensional, I may do a quick mock-up by cutting it out of paper and then maybe making a prototype in brass. If there is a strong three-dimensional component, I usually start carving in wax right away, and I may do a couple of versions before I have one that I want to cast. When an idea has been in my head for awhile, sometimes it’s hard to be patient while making it because it already feels done! But the whole process is fun, and nothing quite compares to the feeling of having that first prototype of a piece in your hand!

5. Do you have a dream project?

Not specifically! I would love make a collection that explores wearables, with larger pieces that play with the concept of jewellery. I have a couple of general ideas, but I’m still dreaming up the theme (and the means) to make this a reality!

6. What career advice would you give to others looking to follow the same path?

Don’t be afraid to try things out! We’re not locked into doing just that one thing or style, and even if something we try doesn’t fit, the experience is worth it! I have a box of prototypes that didn’t quite work out, but there was something valuable in the process of making each one, and that can apply to your career and your life on so many different levels. And also realize that even when you’re not actively producing things, you’re still working by taking in ideas from your surroundings and from engaging with interesting people and projects. I often have to remind myself of this when I feel like I am not doing enough-I think our inspiration flows better when we’re less critical of ourselves!

You can find all Arc Jewelry Creations and its 3 themes:
Linear – Three-Dimensional Elegance
Pointed Feeling – Architectural Boldness
Petites Pensées – Feminine Geometry

I also invite you to discover her Instagram to stay connected to the news (@arcjewelery).

Lines-Manner-Timeless-Modern-Minimalism-Minimal-Designer-Montreal-Designed-Hand_made-Man_Made-Linear-Arc_Jewellery-Montreal-Ring-Bracelet-Essentials-Jewelry-Jewellery-Quality-Fresh-Brightly-2Lines-Manner-Timeless-Modern-Minimalism-Minimal-Designer-Montreal-Designed-Hand_made-Man_Made-Linear-Arc_Jewellery-Montreal-Ring-Bracelet-Essentials-Jewelry-Jewellery-Quality-Fresh-Brightly-5 Lines-Manner-Timeless-Modern-Minimalism-Minimal-Designer-Montreal-Designed-Hand_made-Man_Made-Linear-Arc_Jewellery-Montreal-Ring-Bracelet-Essentials-Jewelry-Jewellery-Quality-Fresh-Brightly-3 Lines-Manner-Timeless-Modern-Minimalism-Minimal-Designer-Montreal-Designed-Hand_made-Man_Made-Linear-Arc_Jewellery-Montreal-Ring-Bracelet-Essentials-Jewelry-Jewellery-Quality-Fresh-Brightly-4Lines-Manner-Timeless-Modern-Minimalism-Minimal-Designer-Montreal-Designed-Hand_made-Man_Made-Linear-Arc_Jewellery-Montreal-Ring-Bracelet-Essentials-Jewelry-Jewellery-Quality-Fresh-Brightly-7Lines-Manner-Timeless-Modern-Minimalism-Minimal-Designer-Montreal-Designed-Hand_made-Man_Made-Linear-Arc_Jewellery-Montreal-Ring-Bracelet-Essentials-Jewelry-Jewellery-Quality-Fresh-Brightly-6

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