Catchy Cashmere


Cashmere, an aesthetic textile so exquisitely soft and warm

Contrary to popular belief, the quality of a cashmere garment is not judged by the number of threads used to fabricate it, but by the length of these threads: longer and thinner is best. Indeed, more threads will only make for a thicker garment.

Furthermore, softness is not the main criteria to take into consideration at the time of purchase, as quality cashmere gets softer with time and will one day render exquisite softness. For the best of qualities, opt for artisanal fabrications.
Always remember: cashmere will last you years as, just like a good wine, its quality gets better with age.

Cashmere Pull-over – Handmade in Madagascar
Pant – Zara
Shoes – Bocage

Cashmere_wrap_pant Cashmere_wrap_pant9 Cashmere_wrap_pant4Cashmere_wrap_pant10Cashmere_wrap_pant2 Cashmere_wrap_pant6 Cashmere_wrap_pant3

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