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A boho spirit with an edgy soul. Maxi black dresses are ideal for anyone wanting to add a powerful staple to their wardrobe, even more so when it possess a mix of sophistication and practicality. Not limited to evenings or elegant events, this key piece can be simply worn with sleek attires. Bringing light and freshness with its flowy textures, grand statement sleeves and play of transparencies, this absolutely versatile must-have will generously fulfill your expectations.

Na-kd Maxi Black Dress – Axel Arigato sneakers (old) – Moyi Moyi Bucket Bag – Kapten & Son Watch

Elegant Nonchalance

Mixing black and white never goes wrong. A monochrome identity is always a good fit, whether it be for an easy weekday wear or to establish an elegantly defined and flowing silhouette.  (more…)


Grey maxi long knit dress where every detail counts: Off-the-shoulder, shirred features, splits sleeves, large centered lower opening, tailored fit, and asymmetry.

A structured line and a contemporary feel surround this graphic cutaway piece with salient precision.

Lavish Alice Knit Dress

Golden Hour

Gold statement earrings both minimal and maximal, oversized crisp white shirt, exaggerated  sleeves and stand-up collar..

Somewhere between relaxed and refined.

Madeleine Issing Earrings