Dream about Spring

About these trends that make us want to defy time..

Lines/Manner recently read that some fashion lovers tend to ignore the seasons, eager to gain an edge of advance by purchasing the latest creations as soon as they hit the market. Yet by doing so, they end-up wearing outfits completely unsuited to the weather of the season they are in.

The underlying logic is that fashion designers/brands want to reduce the time between the catwalk unveiling of new collections and their in-store availability. They attract fashion enthusiasts who want to keep an edge and who willingly rush to acquire their latest creations. As a result, designers/brands see their profits quickly maximized by selling off-season.

…I’m left scratching my head on that one.

Lines/Manner can’t seem to find comfort in wearing summer sandals under -25°C (77°F) or shorts during snow storm season just to gain a slight advance. Yet, we do appreciate relaxing while discovering with great envy the latest creations, ones that we will comfortably slide into on the first day of the appropriate season.

Let’s admit that it’s a little early to uncover our legs and wear light garments. While Lines/Manner usually presents its daily outfits, today let’s exceptionally give way to a springtime inspiration. Spring may be less than a month away, but in Canada winter chills continue till mid-April…

Rest assure, Lines/Manner then slipped into its favorite pair of jeans. Its eternal companion regardless of the weather or season, making it the best of allies, the best of friends, the unparalleled counselor, the unsurpassed ambassador, the unconditional optimist, the undisputed tutor, the best of partners, the mood changer, the sidekick, the inimitable associate, the unsurpassable and unprecedented guru… The jeans.

Jacket – Zara
Top – Zara
Skirt – Sinéquanone
Scarf – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Black_SkirtBlack_Skirt3 Black_Skirt5 Black_Skirt7Black_Skirt6Black_Skirt9Black_Skirt8

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