Personal home inspiration.

Lines/Manner’s home is synonymous with clean living, airy white spaces, simplicity, brightness, tropical plants, fresh modern minimal vibrations, Berber spirit, wood and metal, major and elevated design items. An interior punctuated with marble and plays of transparency.
The importance is to possess finely selected decorative objects and furniture without being burdened by unnecessary and unimportant ones; a variety of great benefits emerges from lessening our belongings.

The minimalist lifestyle is the ultimate approach for letting less be more. Let’s put aside the preconceived notion that acquiring more will get us closer to happiness, because less can actually be more. The consumerism attitude of thinking that more is always better can become a senseless pursuit on the long-term, a cycle we repeat over and over again by always pushing the end further away at every purchase.

Happiness is not bounded by possessions; our life values are not determined by material possessions. Minimalism is the key to a happier life if it makes us less dependent. Live a beautiful and conscious lifestyle.

Apply higher focus on essentials, setting aside distractions and mental noise, so to reach spiritual clarity. That notion is specifically crucial if working from home. Possessing fewer but more meaningful things has to be our top desire.

Decoclico Cushions
HNN Chairs
Nordal Rug

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