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Cap Ferret

Fine sand, restless sea, sunny dunes, and an immaculate white outfit.  Swimwear/Bodysuit with elegant geometrical divides and subtlety transparent high-waisted shorts. A structured silhouette which reflects simplicity, freshness, and comfort. An ode to modernity, refinement, and minimalism.

Delphine The Label Swimwear/Bodysuit & Short – Cluse watch


Head-to-toe white with perforated vs laced details, structure vs unstructured, liquid movement, a blend of textures, and the barest essentials.

Shilla The Label Blouse – Lxé Wide Leg Pants (previous coll.) – Shoes of Prey Shoes (Lines/Manner’s own design) – Maven Watch Timepiece (Maven Watch Article by LM)


Lines-Manner-White_on_White-All_white-relaxed-shapes-tailored-blazer-pantsuit-clean-details-staples-essentials-sleek-LXE-box bag-light-fresh-slouchy-3

The white-on-white modern suit. (more…)


All white outfit. (more…)