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Introducing some new home episodes. Keep all things fresh and minimal within these large open white spaces, and simply involve a polar, oceanic, and botanical environment.
The laws of nature are ever-present.

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Desenio Posters: Moutain, Ocean (70×100), Monstera, Palm (50×70) and Frames

The White Shirt by COS

Basics have always been the starting point, the very foundation of Lines/Manner’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, finding these classics requires long hours of search. Getting your hands on the ones which will make a difference can become an absolute challenge. (more…)


While constantly perpetuating a ritual of working with “slow fashion” brands, LM now feels the urge to dig deeper into that way of thought, driven by the necessity to accentuate this movement through innovation. (more…)

Draped Part II – Same but Different


Immaculate white, clean tailoring, contemporary pieces, confronted textures. (more…)