Lines/Manner, by Lysiane-Marie.

Founder of Lines/Manner, Lysiane-Marie is a Content Creator, and an Image Consultant/Personal Development Coach based in France, Bordeaux area.

For more information about my work as an image consultant, please refer to the “personal stylist” tab on the home page.

Fashion reveals her keen sense for details and releases her creative spirit. Lysiane-Marie’s visual signature is primarily minimalist, monochrome, complemented with an attitude and a distinctive sunspot on her left cheek. However, her creative guideline in creating her looks is first and foremost her mindset of the moment.

Lysiane-Marie favors sustainability, Eco-fashion, created by talented emerging/independent designers and brands worldwide. Via her blog, she wishes to turn the spotlight on these ethical fashion creators. Via her Personal Stylist services, she wishes to advance the notion of conscious dressing.

The rhythm of these pages will reveal her personal style, her discoveries, and her pronounced taste for simplicity.

Lines/Manner stands ready for original and unique content.

May her universe seduce you, make your dream, and fill you with inspiration.

“One eye sees, the other feels.” Paul Klee”

About Collaborations:

In accordance with FTC regulations for Influencers, all articles sponsored by Lysiane-Marie’s partners will be marked as such. So to remain completely authentic, please note that LM only select brands and designers that it determines to be in phase with the aesthetics and values of Lines/Manner.

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