Fundamental basics on which to build.

How do we distinguish this basics ?

Before all else, they are timeless, simple, easily adaptable to the more sophisticated pieces of our wardrobe. They mustn’t necessarily be expensive, yet they must be of a certain quality so as to last the many years to come.

They are the backbone of our wardrobe, bringing meaning and harmony to it all. In other words, we just can’t build a lively wardrobe without them.

We should all choose 4 to 5 pieces that we consider to be good basics.

A soft and cozy mesh knit
A simple wool coat
A leather pant
A turtleneck garment
A perfecto (I am still and always in search of the chosen one, one that will astound for life. Crossing my figures that this day will come).
A cashmere pullover
A cardigan
A suit jacket
A white blouse
A pair of grey/black jeans
A denim jean
The perfect white T-shirt, preferably loose
Long and short sleeve T-shirts: white, black, grey, navy.
A “marinière” (striped and nautical)
A denim shirt
A little black dress
An elegant evening top, in silk

Basic but not boring, OK but how?

Overlays, yes, the everlasting intertwinement of materials.
A lipstick.
A pair of shoes that will make all the difference.
An accessory.

Now that the basics are identified, mix and match! Other twists better watch out.

Black Top 100% Cotton- Mango
Scarf 100% Cotton, Ibiki store
Cashmere Pullover – Hand-made in Madagascar.
Undersweater 100% Cotton – H&M


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