Image Consultant

I first graduated with a Master’s in Psychology and then went on to obtain a degree in Fashion. The first professional opportunity I had to combine these two areas of study took place in Canada.

I started as a Private Stylist Assistant in Montreal where human relations and fashion went hand in hand. Today I reside in Bordeaux where I propose my services in both personal development and image consulting.

My role is to accompany clients in their search for renewal, share my experience and expertise, recommend designs that highlight their strengths and reveal their personality traits, condition them to act out this new look, help them to accept then value their self-image, empowering them with the confidence.

The essence of my work is to build privileged relationships, listen and understand my client’s hopes and fears so to then personalize my sessions accordingly.

Image Consultancy can often be confused with Relooking.

Relooking can be defined as a shopping aide; a limited short-term service centered on transformation rather than evolution. Whereas my services empowers clients to become autonomous in the long run, to establish a positive and authentic self-image, boosting their confidence to reach the ultimate goal: Their bloom.



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