Being a Minimalist

Being minimalist is not innate and definitely not easy. It not only requires enormous retrospection, self- analysis, and a need to reconsider priorities, but also a deep understanding of the resulting positive impact minimalism can have on your lifestyle and your environment. Because in the long run this process will remove all negative parasites from your life, therefore permitting you to easily concentrate on what actually matters, to discover all that is truly important to your life. Clearing your mind, imposing less stress on yourself, putting a stop this urge to always compare yourself to others, no longer being scared of failure, feeling good with what you have, becoming aware and further appreciating all of the small things life has to offer.

Being a minimalist is an everyday effort: An enduring thought process. But as always, being personally committed will help make the process become natural, like an automatism, yet while staying true to yourself and your values.

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