Lines/Manner Biography

Image Consultant, Life Coach (personal development) and creator/founder of the style journal Lines/Manner, a platform focused on minimalist, modern, ethical, and monochrome fashion.

In my quest for talented emerging/independent designers and eco-responsible designs, I privilege ethical and slow fashion, quality over quantity, raising awareness and inciting my readers to purchase less yet better – less is more.
My style journal is the medium I use to communicate the characteristics of my profession across borders, sharing internationally my knowledge and discoveries by reaching a wide range of enthusiast with similar interests.

Fashion influencer is only one my facets of my profession. I have to manage all marketing aspects, public relations, editing, reporting, emails, meetings, artistic endeavors, social networking, photography, writing, accounting, statistics, etc. Being capable of multitasking is a fundamental requirement of the blogosphere, and often times it is only by diving into it that one can truly understand that our profession stands far from the definition of a pastime. Yet being my own boss and living my passion is a true privilege. The most important advantage of my profession lies in the precious relationships I establish with incredibly talented designers and artists. Other advantages such as traveling and being independent are indeed thrilling, yet they require enormous organization and responsibilities. The deadlines, the endless work hours, the constant search for inspiration, the investments, the planning, all of these constant requirements have made my partners an integral part of my daily life. Nevertheless, I feel so utterly invested and passionately focused that I would give it up for nothing in the world.

For more information about my work as an image consultant, please refer to the “personal stylist” tab on the home page.



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