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Little Things25 things about me.
I need my daily afternoon snack AND my evening chocolate chip cookie. 2. I rather watch a classic black & white film than the latest box-office hit. 3. The slightest pain such as bumping a toe will make me swear endlessly. 4. Every sip at a good wine is for me a moment of great intensity. 5. I take careful note of everything on stickies which I always end-up losing. 6. I always seem to forget something somewhere. 7. I can’t help winking at everyone I say goodbye too. 8. I am scared of thunder. 9. To avoid being ridiculed, I never admitting to my childhood friends that I always preferred spinach to fries at the school cafeteria. 10. Right now, I’m just frightened that I’ve lost some good friends in reaction to confession #9. 11. I sing soooo well, but my talents seem to fade away as soon as I exit the shower. 12. I adore shaking my head in defiance when listening to rock music. 13. I talk to my cat just like I would with a baby. 14. I love the word anecdotal. 15. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. 16. I have profound fear of clowns. 17. I would eat sushi until exhaustion. 18. I live with the most extraordinary man every created. 19. I always bite my lower lip. 20. I don’t believe in coïncidences. 21. I wish I were writing this post on a typewriter. 22. On flights, I always end-up sitting next to the restless kid. I raise my voice at him, propose that he goes visit the cockpit or that I hold him out of the porthole so to see the clouds. I was dreaming… I managed to find two precious minutes of sleep. 23. I wrote the word cookie a few minutes back and I can’t stop thinking about it. 24. During conversations, I often speak out ideas completely unrelated to the subject. 25. I open-up little by little and to the few chosen ones.

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