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Bare Minimum

magali-pascal-3of14_filteredJust because sometimes all is in the dress: Luxurious silk, lace, organic fabric. (more…)


Lines-Manner-Black-Relaxed-Tone_on_Tone-Monochrome-Minimal-Sophistication-Comfort-Modern-Simplicity-Casual-Sporty_Luxe-Slit_Dress-Thrid_Form-Blazer-Essentials-Details-Basics-Timeless-Verstatile-Staple-Wardrobe-Sleek-Clean_Lines-All_Black_Everything-10 Give way to the rule of a certain sophistication over classic and minimalist pieces: Successfully experimented here by uniting the perfect maxi slit dress from Third Form with the tailored details of a blazer. (more…)

The Cream of the Crop

A style which proves that the effortless chic equation works. (more…)