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Draped Part II – Same but Different


Immaculate white, clean tailoring, contemporary pieces, confronted textures. (more…)

Draped Part I – Layering

Black and white layering for a high level of contrast. When it starts to feel like spring outside, but not enough to over-expose yourself. (more…)

Wide-Leg Part 1


Part I – Culottes – Relax Chic.

Simplicity, neutral palette, play of proportions, cotton versus linen. (more…)


Knotting (8of9)

Engage in a draping game by taking advantage of knotting techniques.

Begin with a tryout by using a rectangular fabric of your choosing, yet one sufficiently long so to obtain a finish that is both elegant and natural. We play, we manipulate, we choose the drape that catches our eye.
Feel free to drape it in any other fashion.
An approach which will suit your every mood and adapt to your desirs. Playing such a game may unleash surprising creativity, just waiting to be fashioned into a new look!

No approach is better suited to summer time.

100% Cotton Fabric
Top Look 1 – Helmut Lang
Pants Look 2 – Zara
Necklace Look 1 – Blessed Poppy
Necklace Look 2 – Aldo

Knotting (9of9)Knotting (3of9)Knotting (7of9)Knotting (6of9)Knotting (1of9)Knotting (5of9)Knotting (2of9)Knotting (4of9)