The importance of Minimalism in our lives.

Before being a fashion trend, minimalism is a way of life and philosophy. Minimalism can affect your personal style, your appreciation of arts and designs, your living space, your beauty routine; it can help you define your essentials, focus on the useful, the practical, the indispensable.
The leitmotiv is indisputably: Let yourself be drawn towards simplicity. For LM, sorting is crucial whether it be in the wardrobe or the life in general.

“Minimalism is not defined by what is not there but by the rightness of what is and the richness with which this is experienced.” John Pawson.

While the definition of minimalism can differ from one person to another, one fundamental idea is common to all: Disregard all things that add no value to your life, all negative thoughts, all toxic relationships. Take your time, spend your energy with the ones you cherish the most, live in an environment that makes you happy: Decide what is and what is not truly important to your well-being. Doing so requires thorough analysis, as we need to become aware of the essential difference between what we think we need and what we truly need.

The environment and society we live in tends to exert such a strong influence on us that we end up losing sight of the real meaning and value of things. Even to the point of losing your convictions. We then desperately try to fill the gaps and make sense of it all. So we descend into a spiral: We accumulate large amounts of belongings, we collect achievements that we later realize were not worth so much dedication, we endlessly grow our entourage, we surcharge our schedules, we attend more and more events, yet all we actually need is a little calm time to reflect on our existence. Minimalism is also a way of returning to the true values of life, or simply becoming aware of them. Spend your precious time as you see fit and not according to the dictates of your entourage.

Therefore, the building blocks of minimalism are :

Relationships: Setting aside our disregarded relationships and toxic social bonds, the ones which do not drive us towards a significant well-being.

Materially: Conserving the goods that have significantly marked our lives, ones we cannot imagine being separated from, ones that hold a sentimental value and have a story to tell.

Living space: The state of our living space not only reflects our state of mind, but can also affect it. Some have demonstrated that the material belongings we surround ourselves with, can have an impact on our level of energy and on the way we react. We have to order and organize our surroundings before we can do so in our minds. From there on, everything becomes much simpler.

Way of life: Here, it is essential to limit our consumption of superfluous things, to detach ourselves from material belongings and live a life based more on our expectations and vital needs.

Minimalism does not signify “less”; do not be mistaken in thinking that minimalism means “as less as possible.” It is more about minimizing the negatives, all that attenuates our energy level and limits our positive attitude. Once that is achieved, it become much easier to fill our life with things we consider essential. It can have a genuinely therapeutic effect. In this context, « Less is more » makes more sense.

Minimalism is suitable for everyone. It all depends on the needs and way of life of each person: What seem little for some people can seem much for others. For example, my way of life has brought me to work from home which motivates me to often wear my favorite pieces and put aside this need recurring need for new things. As a result, I do not feel the need to own large quantities of garments and have learned to create an infinity of looks with what I have. On the contrary, owning fewer pieces makes it easier for me to visualize various combinations and find that small detail which will make the look appear unique every day.

Minimalism does not only relate to the goods we possess. It also applies to our personal, social and way of life. The link between these fundamental entry points: A precious selection with an immeasurable will to preserve it for many years to come.


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