Wardrobe Essentials




The overall concept of wardrobe essentials, those core pieces that define the essence of your style, is fundamental.

The main characteristics of this notion both are aesthetic and functional. These essentials that best represent your personal style must be the cornerstone, the foundation of your outfits.

Two distinct categories of dressing essentials: “basics” and “key pieces.”


Key Pieces

Masterpieces serve as the protagonists of your wardrobe.

They precisely reflect the person that you are and will therefore easily guide you in the creation of multiple outfits.

Unlike basics and statement pieces, their function is not to consolidate or enhance but to express and reveal the essence of your style.


The main function of basics is to administer a foundation and variants to your outfits without taking any attention away from the directive/main pieces.



Key pieces are the building blocks of your wardrobe.
Basics are its consolidation, the glue to maintain the whole.

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