White Boyfriend Shirt

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci.

What could be more classic, timeless, and minimalist than a white shirt?
What simpler answer to the question “what will I wear this morning”?
Realize that it shouldn’t only be considered for office wear or to perfect strict looks – the possibilities are endless!

Lines/Manner prefers it oversized.

Designed to be worn in various manners and for various occasions.
Whether you leave it slim or effortlessly loose, roll up the sleeves or button it to the top to exude a fresh and masculine attitude, it will always look chic and sophisticated.
And last but not least, it has the advantage of adapting to… well almost everything.

A safe bet.

White_Boyfriend_ShirtWhite_Boyfriend_Shirt7White_Boyfriend_Shirt3White_Boyfriend_Shirt4White_Boyfriend_Shirt5White_Boyfriend_Shirt6 White_Boyfriend_Shirt8

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